Thursday, August 14, 2014

Barnes Boys - Where They At?

In the third month of it and I both LOOOOVE summer and HAAAATE the unstructured days, late nights, lots of good weather and having all 3 of my boys with me all day with no where to be...and then there is the busy side of summer- of weekends completely being crazy...that stuff. So far this summer has been really good to us. I am shocked I have been able to keep up. I know my future self is going to thank me for carving out some time to do this!

Bryson -

Since I last udpated he traveled to North Carolina to compete in the Pinehurst U.S. Kids Jr Golf World Tournament. He was amazing! He had a rough first day and shot 11 over...but the greens were rolling fast and not too many kids shot under, so it was still a good score. He got progressively better - shot a 43 the next day and then a 40 on the last day. He ended the tournament at T63 on the leaderboard out of 140. My dad went with Bryan and Bryson and couldn't stop remarking on how incredible BOTH of my boys are. He went on and on about Bryan and how patient he is with Bryson and couldn't believe how well he handled Bryson's EMOSHUNZ. Bryson can be a little golf diva! he is working on controlling his temper and trying not to go into the next hole with a bad attitude. I am so incredible proud of him. Not just how well he did at this tournament - i truly wouldn't have minded if he came in's just that he has worked so hard. and has sacrificed so much - and at eight years old I don't know if he knows just how remarkable all that is. Bryson has been filling his time since being back by FISHING!!!! he is probably as passionate about fishing as he is about golf...if that can be possible. He keeps track of all the fish he catches and has been keeping a tally all summer...i think he is in the forties now...crazy kid.

Bodie -

Bodie and Bobby both went to VBS while Bryson and Bryan were at Pinehurst. He really enjoyed the music and the VBS in general. That boy is so musical. He likes to listen to a song over and over and over until he gets the words down and is constantly singing/dancing and making up raps. "Cold 9" and "Now I'm Doing This, Now I'm Doing That" are his top 2 songs of the summer. Bodie was super happy to have Bryson back. he was also super sensitive to all the positive feedback he got and cried at one point when Auntie came over and told him how proud she was of me, he melodramatically cried, "Why is no one proud of me?" oh Bodie Bear! I get it...I'm a middle child too. I hugged him extra close and told him how insanely proud of him I am for he has the biggest bestest heart I know. Poor bug. He has been really trying to help me out around the house too. He recently discovered that earning $2 will earn him a Popsicle at farmer's market, so it is on!

Bobby -

 He said, " Take a picture of me mom! I'm the cutest!" well...don't tell him but its true :) this kid is just all kinds of cute. little cheeseball! He also enjoyed VBS. i was pretty excited to find one that took 3 and older. I needed childcare that week because bryan was going to be gone and i needed to work. With the help of friends I was able to get completely caught up at work, which is no small feat in the heat of summer! I got a letter home from VBS that bobby had accepted Jesus into his heart...i asked him if he knew what that meant "It means Jesus is in your heart. And God. And the Bible" Ha! He was just thrilled to finally go and was all smiles every day and told everyone, "I get to go to VBS!" so cute! Soccer is starting up for Bodie and Bryson and this guy doesnt understand why he can't do it too. It is so hard...he stood on the corner of the field watching Bodie with such yearning it made my mama heart sad...but then again - 3 kids in organized sports??? that is just bananas. both bodie and bryson practice 2 nights a would you even do that with 3? i guess we will find out soon enough, huh?

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