Monday, October 21, 2013

Barnes Boys - Where They At?

October - Fall and our yearly tradition of apple picking happened this month...although we got there late in the season (usually we go mid-september) and there were no apples to be was still so fun - they boys picked the last remaining raspberries and we made it through a corn maze (bryson led us astray too many times, so we put bodie in charge and he led us out and was sooooo proud of himself - really cute stuff) and we picked pumpkins from the vine and of course brought back some yummy apple cider and apples. Bryan and I talked about how fun it is to be creating our own family traditions and how every year it is going to be more fun than work ;) this year was especially fun with their ages. I just love 3 years old. I could leave the tantrums, but this is just so fun!

Bodie - our little soccer star! it is so fun to watch him play a sport finally! he is also in a children's choir at church and every day he asks me 1. do i have school today mom? and then 2. do i have soccer today mom? and then 3. do i have my singing class mom? this boy is very much like his dad and likes to know "the plan" and what is expected of him. He gets very sad if the answer to all three questions isnt "today" - we listen to his choir music in the car and he practices his little hand motions and it is really the cutest thing. We are trying to work on singing louder...but that may take a while -he whisper sings right now. I think it is so good for Bodie to be involved in things a part from his brothers - he gets such a sense of pride and confidence - he just beams! (p.s. being a fellow middle child, i get it!!!)

Bobby - oh man - this kid is so full of charm and spit and vinegar and all that. He melts your heart one minute and makes you want to just lock him up in a kennel (i would never) the next minute. He is still amazingly destructive and energetic - the other day he rode his scooter 5 miles with Bryan. and then once they got where they were going he ran around for another hour or so. This kid could power a city. He is talking up a storm too - he cracks us up. Having two older brothers he just thinks whatever they like is cool - which right now happens to be these things called Bey Blades (they are like plastic tops you launch with a launcher) so you hear him and Bodie "battle" their bey blades (which they dont have any - they just find random things and call them bey blades) and you can hear bobby yell "let it rrrrrriiiiippppp" all day. Bodie and Bobby spend a lot of time together these days while bryson is at school and they are learning to play better together...and by that i mean they only fight like 50 times a day now. 

Bryson - A few weeks back Bryan took Bryson to see this movie/documentary called The Short Game and ever since then Bryson has been OB-sessed with golf. He is doing really well too and we recently found out he was invited to play in the Monterey Championships. It is a 2 day tournament in Monterey and he will have some stiff competition and he is stoked! This picture is of Bryson on picture day at school and let me have you know i had zero to do with both the outfit and the paper towel handkerchief in his pocket. This kid has his own style and no one can tell him what is cool. i love it! I feel like bryson is never really ho-hum about anything - he goes from one obsession to the next and right now it is his praying mantis and also his lizard pets. He wants a bearded dragon something awful, but right now is taking very good (daily) care of his bug and reptile.

Things are settling into a routine and it feels nice to have a rhythm again. We are working on ever-changing Halloween costumes and tackling homework and right now I am reading them the Chronicles of Narnia before bed. We are on book #2 and it is so fun. I love that Bryson is enjoying them as much as I did!