Thursday, November 10, 2011

this kid freakin hilarious...he is cracking us up lately. i always wonder what bodie or bobby would be like as only children and last night i got a little taste when the bigger boys went to soccer practice with their daddy and i had a couple hours alone with sweet bobby b. he played so nicely...didnt cry once...played with toys actually -the little we have left- but he usually never plays with toys...its usually kitty litter or knives he finds somehow or something dangerous and/or disgusting...but not last night. last night he was as sweet as could be and so giggly and fun and oh man this kid is just pure sunshine most of the day! if i could bottle a little bobby b and send it to someone in need of a pick-me-up he would brighten their day for sure! 

he is still the hardest baby in the world to change - he still RUNS not walks...RUNS everywhere - he can say mama and dada and tickle tickle tickle and kee-ee (kitty) and ahh-duhh (all done) and learned the sign for "sorry" which he will hit you on purpose, just so he can make that sign. whenever i pick him up in the nursery people just look at me admiringly and ask me how i keep up with him...or tell me he is a handful, or a tank, or tell me how fast he is (like i dont know) or tell me how he figured out how to move the furniture so he could climb up things better...this is every day people! times three! the only scary part with this particular number three is that there is no way to watch him as closely as i could with number one...even number this number three gets away with A LOT. and he knows it. and he even has a guilty face at 14 months...lately he has taken to climbing up on the kitchen chairs while i am feeding the bigger boys lunch and starts to eat a banana or something like one of the guys. i think our high chair is going to be defunct quite soon...


newborn bryson...was he ever that small???

my birthday and bryson's birthdays are only 5 days apart. i will always remember my birthday 6 years over being pregnant...i was so big...and dreaming about my baby boy...

6 years we are! my birthday was pretty low key. my sweet husband stayed up until 1 in the morning the night before finishing his work so that we could spend the afternoon together as a family...which we disneyland - and it was amazing - no lines...10 minute wait on space mountain (bryson went for his first time...and then went again since we got the baby swap pass) he also went on star tours twice.  That evening we went to dinner with friends (at Tavern on 2 - had the burger...sweet potato fries and brussel sprouts...all were loved well...and eaten completely). i got to hang out a little with my girlfriend the next day...but not long enough...but that is what happens when you have 3 kids i guess. this weekend there will be a girls party and i am quite looking forward to it!

For bryson's birthday...i just realized...i have NO pictures of the celebrations.  i think this is also a part of having 3 kids...i do not have enough free hands or time to document things as they happen. i had asked bryson if he wanted a party, or wanted to go somewhere special with a friend...he chose somewhere special with a the weekend before he took a friend to Camelot/Golf Land...we went miniature golfing...ate nasty cheesy pizza (they loved it) and played arcade games and traded in tickets for cheap-o breakable toys. bryson picked out the handcuffs and a slinky and his buddy got a slinky and a red jet :) then we went out for ice cream and opened some presents.

on his actual birthday we picked him up from school and went to disneyland again! this time California Land and bryson went on Soaring over California for his first time. i tried to get him to go on tower of terror, but he wasnt having it..our passes expire in the beginning of december and we decided not to renew them and i am all kinds of broken up about it. i know its a smart decision- i cant take all 3 by myself and we would have to pay for 4 passes next year and bryson is in school its kind of like the end of this era for me. i know - so sad huh? i bet you totally pity me :) its more sad that my play-date school-free days are over...and these are very special times to me.

anyway - back to my super long birthday post. this should have been broken up...i apologize. rashelle - this is for you...its killing like 10 minutes for you are welcome...okay i am really going to go back to the post...

so after disneyland we came back to the house. i had spent the entire morning setting up for bryson - i hung decorations, blew up balloons went last minute shopping...spent a super quick 20 minutes making up a scavenger hunt for him to find his *new* bike! drawings were so bad...i have not improved since kindergarten...he had to ask me on like every picture what it was...struggle...on one - i was like - thats a fridge! really? i cant even draw a fridge...

he was very excited and helped me make his own cake. he also got to pick his dinner (waffles). oh...yeah...for my birthday bryan got me a waffle maker...but more than that - he promised to make saturdays waffle saturdays...we are gunna get all kinds of good at waffles...bryan even made me some waffle sandwiches on the night of bryson's bday - prosciutto, brie, arugula and pepperjack sandwiches..yummmmmmmm...bruxie style...

we were absolutely exhausted at the end of the day...but it was good. bryan was a little peeved because it seemed like bryson didnt care much for the bike since he rode it all of 10 seconds...but every day since he has come home from school i have heard him exclaim, "oh man i love my bike". i need to get a pic of him on it soon! sorry about the lack of pictures and poor quality pictures...the rest are on various phones...but i had to document (rather lengthily i might add again) the festivities. 6 is gunna be awesome!

as a little aside...and just to make it a wee bit longer...i asked bryson the night before his birthday to make some "5" lists...since it was the last time he would ever be they are...

What were your 5 favorite memories from being 5 years old:
1. going miniature golfing with asher
2. spending the night at asher's house
3. going to colorado
4. going golfing with daddy
5. kindergarten

Name 5 things you are thankful for:
1. this food
2. this house
3. this family
4. God
5. golf

Name 5 friends:
1. asher
2. maverick
3. bodie
4. max acuff
5. bobby

Name 5 things you love doing:
1. soccer
2. golfing
3. baseball
4. going to disneyland
5. going to meemas house

Name 5 of your favorite foods:
1. spaghetti (daddy's spaghetti...i should add)
2. burritos
3. pancakes
4. waffles
5. birthday cake


so...i realized the problem with me and Halloween...

1. i dont plan on making costumes...which needs to happen
2. i kinda make costumes all the time, so its not as a big a deal to me as my kids
3. i am cheap and i do not believe in spending money on a costume when i can perfectly well make one thank you (only i there is that)
4. my kids change their minds like every day, so its hard to commit...

next year year i think bryson will be at an age where he can stick to one idea and stick through it for all the parades, parties, etc. so david bowie for sure next year bryson...promise (he was super bummed...he wanted me to find him crystal balls and everything)

this year was a little nuts as far as parties and events leading up to halloween. we had many opportunities to dress up- bryson was a vampire bat, a pirate and a soccer player (meaning he went to a party right after a soccer game and it was too hot to wear his actual costume)

bodie was mickey mouse, batman (an old costume that did not fit at all), and a pirate.

bobby...was left out a little...i threw a zoodie on him here and there, but that is all he really would take at this point...

for actual Halloween night, my sister came over to babysit Bobby while he slept so that bry and i could take the boys out trick or treating. it was not quite the turnout from last year...probably because it was a monday night...but still fun - our neighborhood gives full size candy bars...they make us look cheap...they boys ended up going as pirates...totally last minute...and i couldnt even find bodie's full costume - which is so typical of us...but he didnt mind and we had fun.

i only let the boys eat one piece of candy...and the next day i put one piece in their lunch...and then we put the candy "away" meaning we ate some, let our friends eat some. i know i can only get away with this for a couple more i will! i think bryson will smart on next year though...good thing he is into the idea of the "candy fairy"!