Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Barnes Boys - Where They At!

What About Me?
Let Me See Your Guns!

ohmigosh...i love this first picture...so how it is right now. Bryson and Bodie -sitting in the back-est seat of the car, singing their made-up songs...bobby in the row ahead trying to sing too and them both yelling at him to be quiet...or bryson and bodie on their bike/scooter and bobby several feet behind yelling "Way Up!"...bryson and bodie playing catch and bobby running in the middle and them yelling at him to go away. Its tough being the youngest. 

Bryan and I always wanted three since we both come from families with three kids and its the chaos we know, but i kinda think that if we had a fourth there wouldn't be as many fights, since there would be even numbers? is that ridiculous? there is just so much ganging up on over here. luckily the fights are loud and quick...they dont fester over anything. a quick "i'm sorry" usually stops the tears...for that i am grateful. we are working on the whole slow to anger bit...myself included (big time)

Bodie. Man Bodie - This last week you were such a stinker! Bryson wasn't around and you took the opportunity to become master tormentor of Bobby. Sneaky things like going up to him and whispering "You're not my friend" for no apparent reason. Splashing him when you thought i wasn't looking (and looking around before you did it because you knew it was wrong). Taking anything he might have in his hands because you can. Telling him to do naughty things for a quarter. I think you spent most of your time in time out or crying about being in time out when you weren't terrorizing Bobby. We had lots of talks about what a special role a big brother is - and how you need to protect your little brother. You are the only one who is both a little brother and a big brother...cool stuff! 

Even so...every day I see you learning. You are the quickest to say "okay mom" and the first one to want to help. You have a big giant heart and your smile melts me! 

Bobby Barnes - You are such a hoot! You manage to get so dirty every day. It is natural to always carry an extra change of clothes with me whenever I leave the house for you and 9 out of 10 times you come home in that extra outfit. You love mud puddles and any type of fountain. I love your little zest for adventure and your natural curiosity! you are a pretty rad kid. 

Like the first picture though- you are always trying so hard...to keep up...to play with your brothers...to do things you really shouldn't be able to do yet...to run faster....climb higher...and i know that is so natural for the youngest, but please stop! you are my baby...do you know what that means? that means you need to stay a little baby-ish a little while longer. i know this is an impossible request...but a mama can hope!

Bryson - we had a rough beginning of the month, but you have been trying so so hard to change your attitude and I see that! I am so proud of you for making such an effort to control your emotions. This last week I took you out on a date and we had so much fun. I was trying to teach you how to be a gentleman (we have had lots of talks lately about how a gentleman acts) and told you about what to do on a date. We talked about asking people questions to get to know each other and I asked you to think of some questions to ask me. You asked "How did you and daddy meet?" and "When did you and daddy first date?" and "How did LA Pool Guys get started?" You blew me away by your thoughtful questions...i thought you would ask my favorite food or something...I think you are going to be quite a fun date for some lucky lady one day!