Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Barnes Boys - Where They At?

How is it June already? Every summer I just feel like I need to buckle up and hold on- everything seems such a crazy pace - packed weekends, SUPER busy work days, balancing our schedule and over-planning. I never feel caught up - I never feel like I have done enough in one day. This summer I really want to schedule out peaceful simple days to counter balance the super paced work days. Also - I want to be present in these amazing times where I get to adventure with all 3 of them all the day long! It truly feels like such a precious fleeting time and I am doing my best to stay present minded and grateful.

Bobby!! I took Bobby on a date this month to a putt putt place (his choice) and he was so funny. I honestly didnt know how he would do since some times he can not be held to "rules" and "doing things in order" but this he did really really well! i think it has something to do with all the golf mornings with daddy - so thanks bryan! On our date he confided that "I dont like when daddy calls me other names - like Bob" - which is funny because i am the one who usually calls him that when he is being mischievous :) and then we went to CPK and he told me how he is sad school is over. It is so fun to get to spend time with him by himself - he is such a different person when he isn't trying to defend himself :) 

Bodie O! Bodie finished baseball. He played so great. Watching him play kept me thinking about how different bryson and bodie are. Bryson at this age/stage was super serious about baseball. he asked anyone to play catch with him and practiced all the time. he loved his games and would talk about them all day. Bodie is like...hmmmm....when i asked him what he liked best about t-ball his response was "the snack bags" so...there is that. But at the same time - he is so good! its think he will get out there and just zone out, but he makes plays and hits home runs...oh bodie. Bodie also graduated from pre-school. Pretty cute stuff right there. I am getting pretty worried about bodie in kindergarten - he is just so different than bryson was at this age and I just worry that kindergarten would be overwhelming for him. I filled out an application for Bodie to bryson's home-school charter school just in i am feeling better about that - we can always pull him out if the struggles aren't good struggles. Also - we have been down to visit my dad in La Quinta a few times over the past couple months and it has been great for practicing swimming. Bodie did so great last time! We went down to watch Bryan's mom play tennis - and win her doubles match - and she helped bodie learn to float and improve his dog-paddling/swimming thing he does. I am pretty confident he will be a little fish by the end of the season! 

Bryson - Bryson is still golfing like a mad-man. He was in a tournament for Long Beach Jr Kids Golf and got a 36 at little rec, which turned out to be a 3 way tie. There was a putt off for the win and Bryson won! He was so super pumped - so proud of himself. he slept with his trophy and kept staring at it all day long. It turned out they had the best scores of all the kids - about 25 kids ages 7-16! I walked with them, but didn't club him - he did it all on his own and I couldn't be prouder of him! 

Bryson is getting excited about home-schooling. We got him a little chromebook to keep his summer journal in and found all kinds of educational sites that will help aid our homeschooling and he is already so excited about being able to research things he is interested in...which right now is golf and lizards. We started his summer journal - you can follow it by clicking here