Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Patch!

My lil' punkins

Goof balls

he looks too big for my lap...which makes me almost want to cry out loud...

he is OBSESSED with zombies...he always wants me to take his picture like this...p.s. boys are gross

look at this imagine he just dumped out all the contents of your purse into the you know my daily struggle

Bodie is not sure about the haunted house

Bobby isnt either

He wont even look at it

They got a little braver and got close for an inspection. Bobby does this a lot lately and i always find it funny

Bodie in time out for whining...did i mention he is THREE?

I wonder how much longer this can happen...

Sorry for the photo bomb...i just couldn't decide which ones to leave not many got left out. B took most all of these photos - just to be clear...he usually does...i just wouldn't want anyone thinking photography is a skill set for me :)

so...i started reading last year's pumpkin patch update - see here - and this is why i love doing this blog - because throughout the whole post i kept saying over and over in my head "that was a year ago?" and i so remember it all clearly. and not a whole heck of a lot has changed...bryson is still thriving in school, bodie is still challenging in this very three year old way and bobby is still as destructive as there you go! actually one thing that was super different - i had written about bodie scowling at strangers...not the case right now - now he goes up to complete strangers (even when i am not around - i am told by his teachers) and tells them his age, or how he likes monster trucks or how his brother is named bobby. its super cute and also super awkward. 

i was going to do a post on the pumpkin patch on the sweet b blog, but changed my mind...since i am not the hugest fan of this patch and really only go for tradition sake (i am a holiday junkie...self admittedly) but the patch itself is usually crowded, terribly over-priced and looks like its all going to come apart any second. they had this ride and the cars looked like bathtubs and it was just super scary, like your wierd uncle threw it together in his hoarder backyard or something. but it is fun to look back on pictures and have a gauge of where you have been...and take pictures that look like the fall...finally! it has cooled down - for which i am grateful, but i think its supposed to be 84 this weekend. whatevs - bryan told me i am not allowed to complain because we live in southern california and it makes me sound spoiled...which i am sure he is correct, but on i go anyway, because i am not too different than my children am i? 

anyway - this was a lovely weekend - bryan and i got to have a little date night to ourselves on saturday and it was fun to hang with him...nice to know we still have so much fun together - he cracks me up...i tell you...still! so now the nice easy breezy parts of fall are it is onto HOLIDAY MADNESS 2012 - my calendar is spotted with all kinds of fun things in the next three weeks or so...i know this is all going to be crazy, so i am soaking up the lazy parts when i can take them! 

Big Boy Bed!

I did it! i am so proud of myself...oh yeah...bobby too...proud of him too - but trust me, this was much harder on me than him...still hard for me since the crib has been sitting in our backyard for a week now (not sure what to do with it since the type of crib was recalled - i can't donate it and don't feel right selling it).

so the crib we have had for near 7 years...that all 3 of my babies slept now gone. it is an acceptance that we are past the baby stage. we are entering a new phase. this parenting phase...continual parenting phase. i know how difficult and exhausting baby phase is...but man...this is something else entirely. and this little guy here. this little guy is our pièce de résistance!  He is going to put us over the edge for sure! bryan and i just kind of stare at each other like, what do we do? i am surviving by holding firm to the notion he is in a phase...i believe in him...

he has been needing to switch to a bed for a while since he can easily climb out of the crib...luckily no accidents happened, but i was kind of waiting for that "thud" for a while. The only thing with him in a bed is that he is as crazy a sleeper as he is awake - i snuck in their room last night and found him on the floor abour 4 feet away from his bed. he will get i said...i believe in him!