Monday, July 23, 2012


Or Bob as Bodie has been calling him...much to my amusement. Just wanted to post this pic of Bobby since it captures summer Bobby so well. Always dirty - hair in face...naked most of the day...what a life Bobby Barnes! what a life! Bobby has been talking so much this summer...and he understands so much too - its crazy that he is trying so hard not to be my baby. We had a garage sale this weekend and i was supposed to sell his crib since he gets out of it every morning...but i couldnt bear to just yet...but i need to...but i dont want to...i can't stand the thought of no crib...maybe one more month? *sigh* Bobby - why can't you be my baby ever??

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Meema and Papa

This was taken the day we came back from this picture - i think you can tell how much they love their grandkids - how much the kids love them...Bob stayed with the boys by himself for 2 days before Kathy came...pretty amazing grandpa! We are very blessed to have them in and a part of our lives, even though there is 360 miles between us. Love you meema and papa!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Welcome Riley Kajsa!

Would you look at this little angel? How perfect she is? I may be a little biased...being her auntie and all...but my goodness..this little ball of joy has me a perfect blubbery mess. I was talking to Bryan last night and told him that I didnt realize I would be so emotional about this baby...I knew I would be happy...but didn't think I would be crying this much. (His response was, uh...really? cause everyone else knew) Every time i see her...every time i hold her...every time i think of her i go again. Let me just say I am in love! So over the moon excited to get to hold her and meet her and watch my sister become a mommy. So fun!

My sister did amazing. She was 6 days past her due date and very emotional and very ready to meet this baby. She had irregular contractions and said she didn't quite know when to get to the hospital, but when she did she was already at 7! She had the baby naturally at the hospital and she said her birth experience was amazing (except the pushing...she wasnt a fan of the pushing) and peaceful and everyone at the hospital respected her wished for a drug-free birth and even encouraged her! i am beyond thrilled that she had such a good experience. Beyond proud that she did it and beyond grateful that the baby is healthy and perfect.

I keep plotting how to get over there and hold that own babies are a bit of a hurdle. i come home though and hug them tight and try to get them to stop growing. i can barely remember when they were sleeping sacks of potatoes. why does it go by in a heartbeat? and why do some stages seem to last a lifetime? My little framed "This too shall pass" is my daily reminder of that...both the good and the bad!

Thank you to all of you for your prayers! And keep them coming! She is recovering slowly and hasnt slept since last wednesday...and if you are a mom you know exactly how hard it all is - being exhausted and in pain and needed all the time. but she is truly happy and such a natural - it is so fun to watch how in love with her baby she is and what a good mommy she already is...that little girl is one lucky lady to have such amazing parents and so many people around waiting to love on her! Praise the Lord!

TMAFI 2012

Every year as we make our way up the winding highway 168 up into the Sierras that overshadow Bishop...i cant help but exhale deeply and breathe in deeper and feel a little like we have come home. I love this little area of California so much. We have some roots here - my grandpa worked a mine not too far from Bishop and our family would take yearly trips up to Mammoth. Bryan grew up going to Tahoe (just the other side of the mountain) so it is familiar ground these Sierras. And this little fishing trip - TMAFI - started out just an excuse to get an awesome campsite (see second to last photo) and has turned into an excuse to spend quality time with friends cities away. 

Little did i know when TMAFI began it would turn into what it has. This year was a rather small turnout, but most years we have had around 25 people. I am hoping for a big crowd next year since it will be the 10th one! But this year was so nice to have a small group. The kids stayed with Bob and Kathy at our house, so Bryan and I got to have some (much needed) alone time. I have been on trips and stuff, but never have i felt so completely relaxed. i prayed...a lot...i read books...i sat and thought. when was the last time i sat and thought? i couldnt even answer that...i am so continually distracted on a minute by minute basis at home. There is always something i am neglecting - be it laundry or work or cleaning or sometimes my children or husband...there is always responsibility here - it isnt a restful place. so its nice to be able to get away where cell phones dont work...where road trips spark awesome conversation, where the air is crisp and fresh and the stars come out for a show every night. its nice that my husband and i both love it wouldnt be quite as fun if we didnt. we enjoy each other's company very helps. i still think he is the greatest guy i have ever met.  And even though i wanted to win something awful this year...i secretly hope he gets a turn - because he is almost as good a fisher-person as me :) 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Barnes Boys - Where They At

Bodie Boy...he has been a little stinker lately! so mischievous (and dangerously quietly mischievous) i am talking drawing on the walls, drawing with crayon on the car window, sneaking into the fridge and throwing food all over, punching his little brother and then looking like he did nothing wrong...and then he has been the opposite of quiet in not so fun ways - throwing a tantrum for an hour when i made him dress himself (bryson couldnt wait to dress himself...and get himself into the car seat by himself - they are so different its eerie) and tantrums in general...whining just about every sentence. its been a little difficult with him...but then he flashes you this smile (see picture above) and he looks at you with the same eyes of his father - the eyes that just melt you and you can't stay mad at him for long. oh this boy! he has my number! it drives me crazy!!!

Bryson spent the first 2 weeks of summer with Bryan's parents - his meema and papa - in San Jose. He gave them a run for their money i hear...he did tennis camp with his meema for 2 hours and then would swim for 2 hours and then would golf 9 holes with his every day...i love meema and papa...and i know they had a blast with him. He has boundless energy this one. Since he got back Bryan has been taking him out on the course a lot and practicing with him here at the Barnes Country Club - he has been improving so fast! He entered his first tournament yesterday and took first place! holy stuff! SO EXCITED! i did not go, but Bryan said he played the best he had seen, totally stepped up his game - of course! there was COMPETITION! he takes after his mama (and dad!) - he par-ed 7 holes, made a birdie on one and bogey-ed one - so it came out to even par (they only played 9 holes). he sank some 8 foot putts and played with total Bryson confidence. when i was tucking him in last night i told him how proud i was of him. "I'm proud of me too mom!" - bryan and i talked about how this is the first award he has won solely on his own merit. that is something to be proud of! bryson also told bryan that golf is now his favorite sport and he wants to play it every day. i really hope he sticks with it...not just because it is difficult to get hurt playing golf...but because he has such a gorgeous natural swing, he could really go somewhere with it!

Bobby boy...Bobby had hand, foot, mouth disease a couple weeks ago and it was AWFUL. poor baby had blisters on his tongue, roof of his mouth, his cheeks and the backs of his was not fun. for about a week and a half he didnt eat much and was super cranky and had a rough time sleeping...but then...just like was over and we had our happy crazy bobby back! and it was so nice to have him back - i got him from his crib and he flashed a big old goofy grin and oh my gosh...this kid...he just lights up your world! 
with bryson gone, it was just bobby and bodie and so interesting to see how they got on. bobby is talking so much more now - it is so fun to hear him say "Um On Bovee" and equally adorable things. he copies everything his brothers do (aghh!) and is fearless with the skateboard. he is already doing froggy foot while golfing and can balance like no ones business. he is growing way too fast - he can climb out of his crib and just searching for a bed for him is causing me to hyperventilate! he never got the memo that the baby isnt allowed to grow up!

Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July!

This was the extent of our decorating this year...
bobby super pumped about the bike parade
The line up
i am aware it is the 9th of july...and really...i am amazed that i am telling about the 4th of july in july at all. its my day in the office today and what i should be doing is budgets and reconciling and all kinds of boring accounting stuff. but we have had such an amazing week i feel like i should be on vacation. which is not allowed for people who own a pool cleaning company. summer vacations are forbidden...but in my head i am on vacation...

so on the 4th we took part in the annual kids bike parade with our friends the Douglas' - so fun! and we are usually late, but this year we were early so we got to decorate our bikes a little better and register the boys - we usually just jump right in since we are late. after a nice bike ride we rode home and put bobby down for a nap and bryan bar-b-qued some pork bootie...and i got to read a book and bodie looked for bugs. we had the douglas' over...the neighbors mom and sister and brother in law and don and julia and it was a low-key amazing time. the kids all played extremely well. we did the mentos/diet coke geysers in the street, which was hilarious and totally more for the grown-up (ish boys) and lit a little backyard firework display that exceeded any and all expectations. the food was amazing - as was the 3 desserts...i wish it could be 4th of July every day...except for pool parties...if no one had pool parties on the 4th of july that would be perfect!

My cute husband

Notice the flag in bodie's helmet