Wednesday, February 23, 2011

da boyz...where they update

i think this picture captures all of their little personalities so so well! there is bryson...i mean there is BRYSON! just loud and full of life - all the emotions of life and joys of life. he loves loves loves his little brother. oh man...loves him! and then there is sweet and happy and is in love with his big brother too...and then...there is bodie...sneaky..quiet...hilarious and usually destructive. these guys...they are the best! (and sometimes not so much the best...but right now they are the best!)

i love this portrait of bryson that bryan captured. his little face is changing so much this year...losing all those baby cheeks and becoming so handsome. he is doing awesome at pre-school - his teachers love him. he also started T-ball up and is amazing...of course...he is loving it too and always asks to go to practice. i took a little video of him at practice with my phone. as soon as i learn how to get that video from my phone to the interwebs i will let you know...

here they are! bobby is the superstar of the nursery. i put him in for the first time a couple of weeks ago (i think he has been in 3 different times including MOPs today) all the ladies tell me what a wonderful baby he said he got the "best baby ever" award...which is silly, but it made me happy anyway - he is such a joy and my heart is already sad that he has to grow up...

and the twins...bodie is so much like his dad it just never fails to crack me up. he is pooping on his own now...but still fights it...its still an issue, but we are so happy it is working its way out. he and bryson are also doing well together right now...they usually play really well together...bodie wants to be a "river cat" (bryson's t-ball team) pretty bad, but lacks any desire to actually play baseball.

mommy is TIRED! bobby is my little ball of joy during the daytime, but at night i get anxious every time i lay down...after about 1:00 a.m. he wakes just about every hour and for the past 2 weeks he has been thinking it is okay to wake up at 5:00 a.m....then the big boys wake up at 6:00...i decided that i can't take it anymore, so i copied Kara's idea and put a "green light, red light" clock up in their room so that bryson knows when it is okay to leave their room. i know bodie will follow suit....the first morning it did not work so well...but this morning i didnt hear them until 7:00. as far as bobby...not sure what i am going to do. i feel like he needs to learn how to go back to bed (since more than half the time when he wakes up he isnt hungry) but not sure how to do it...i think moving him out of our room may help...but we aren't working with a whole lot of space...but my wall has been hit and something is about to change, or else i can see myself taking my blankets out to the garage to have a night's sleep! bryan has noticed my zombie-ness and for the first time in all the kiddos' baby-ness offered to wake with him and give him a bottle so i could sleep. i was so blown away i just kind of stared at him for a while. but my milk supply is low right now since bobby was sick and now has his appetite back and i didnt want to mess with it.

but overall i am doing well - i am very happy with our new less hectic schedule at work and otherwise and how my boys are responding to it. i started up MOPs again and am very thankful for those mamas who all "get it". i am also enjoying my boys so much right now. they are all at such awesome stages - we have been having nightly dance parties and once a week we will have movie night and i'll put popcorn in paper lunch sacks and bryson gets to pick the movie. i get "alone" time with bodie when bryson is at school and we are having so much fun at the parks and riding scooters and "chopping" (shopping). so that is us in a nutshell of sorts. hope you are all well too!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

5 Months Old!!

 Dear Bobby,

I know you want to start moving around. You see your big brothers chasing each other and climbing, playing baseball and golf and riding bikes and it looks so fun...but you are only 5 months old. You are not allowed to crawl yet, let alone please quit this scootchin business...its making mama nervous! You are my baby...i need you to be a baby for a little bit longer, k?

sheesh...this kid does not want to listen...he wants to go! no more putting him on the couch or bed and knowing he will stay put (dont accidents) he is also starting to sit up and can do it for almost a minute! he is doing p90x with us...working on his core...

this month bobby has really started coming out to play - he has found his little toes...has taken an interest in all things he can put in his mouth...he is so alert and happy and we are having so much fun. me and bryan take turns making him smile and smothering him with kisses.

i am constantly trying to open my heart for him to grow up...i love love love babies...knowing this is our last is so bittersweet for me and i am anxious all the time that time is going way too quickly for i am trying to enjoy every single second i have with this precious babe of mine!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

boys play with dolls too!

seriously, this kid is a crack up.

if he becomes an actor, comedian, entertainer of some sort i will not blink an eye.

what is sad, is that most people dont know the goofball that is bodie because he is usually scowling at strangers...but i assure you - this kid is comic genius...

Here he said, "look mom...i feed bobby too!"

and here he is carrying the dolly...which is reason #456 why i dont let him near bobby alone...he is still trying to understand what "gentle" means...FYI bodie - it doesnt mean stepping on his head, feeding him raisins, head-butting him for fun...