Thursday, September 25, 2014

Barnes Boys - Where They At?

Hiya September! Where did you go? This month has been such a transitional month - full of amazing good changes and also very challenging difficult changes. I am starting to finally find my new rhythm and it feels good. It takes a while to get there, doesn't it? Yesterday I found myself without kids...without work...and went to the El Dorado Nature Center by myself and walked around. I had a full hour to think and dream and process through some things - trying to find out what that nagging inner voice is trying to say. Sometimes for me finding the stillness to allow that voice to be heard is the hardest. I think I found that I have been missing that peace and that thinking time and that QUIET. I am starting to try to find ways to find that every day. I crave it in a house full of boisterous beings. Anyway...enough of me...onto the Barnes Boys...

Bobby! Bobby transitioned back to pre-school. He has Miss Lizzy - which makes her the first official teacher to have had the whole set! All 3 Barnes boys. She was so happy to have him and keeps exclaiming how different they all are...i know it! She said every time they talk about love in class Bobby talks about how he loves God and his mama! oh my heart...Bobby also turned 4 this month! He was super excited...but not quite clear on the whole your birthday is just 1 day - he keeps expecting people to give him presents. His favorite present has been the plasma car - he is on that thing every day - it makes his brothers jealous because their plasma cars are all banged up, so that makes him especially happy :) Bobby is also transitioning out of his paci and therefore, out of naps. He is doing great - he cried the first few nights, but is good now and thinks he is all big boy now that he doesn't need a nap!

Bodie Bear - Bodie transitioned into Kindergarten and also into Soccer sesason. He is an amazing little player - he is pretty aggressive and goes after that ball scoring mad goals- helps having to always keep up with big brother! Bodie is really enjoying Kindergarten so far. He has the same teacher Bryson had (whom we love) and is loving homework - i keep having to make up homework for him because he has already done all the homework for September! What a different kid than Bryson, ha! I failed taking him on a date in August - our August was nuts!  So I got to take him last week. We went to the trampoline place and then to Chik-fil-A - he loved it! he made me copy everything he did at the bounce place and boy! that boy is always on the move - i was a big sweaty old lady mess at the end! Love chasing after these guys - it fills my heart!

Bryson - Bryson had a big transition - into 3rd grade, into being home-schooled and the start of socccer and his fall golf season. A lot of people have been checking up with me on home schooling and so far it is amazing. I really feel like this is the perfect fit for both of us. It is challenging - like I expected it to be - to get him to do the challenging bits - but it has been growth for both of us. I think the hardest thing for him is that he can't get away with not doing his best. He can't turn in something rushed and that is what he has done for 3 years. We are navigating through it...but we are doing it together and he has been super receptive to that. Every time I read with him he puts his head on my shoulder and that is RARE for this kid. I know he is enjoying this time together and that is something I can't feel anything but gratitude about. I really am loving the curriculum/style of learning we are doing - I feel like it is a good fit for both of us. I am just excited to see how he will grow.

Me and the monkeys on our way to Bryan's sisters's wedding! It was such an amazing weekend and I have not a single picture of it! so sad...but when both you and your husband are in the wedding party - it kinda takes you out of the spectator crowd. We are so happy for Kimmy and Kirk! 

So this is our September so far...Looking forward to the fall and its hopefully cooler weather - Come on Fall - bring it!!