Friday, July 15, 2011


bryan took the boys outside and gave them some fresh do's...bryson surprised us by asking for lines in his hair...he cracks me up...he also demanded to keep his "wat tail" and wanted to cut his i let him do it...while holding the scissors for him so he didnt chop off an eyebrow. i love how his hair turned out -it fits him so well!

And Bodie got his cut too...we still have never cut the top - i can't bear to just took so freaking long for that boy to grow that hair upon his head and his little blond curls just kill me i love them so...

i am very grateful for a husband with both the talent and patience to cut their hair...we have never taken them in for a hair cut and that makes me very happy since i am also cheap...along with impatient...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

our angels date

bryson didnt know where we were going...i made him wear a red shirt, but the tie was his idea. he was very sure he needed a tie on our date...which is funny because he sees bryan and i go on dates all the time and bryan NEVER wears ties...whatever...its cute and he is funny..

we thought he would be so excited since he finished his first year playing t-ball and all...and we even got great seats (thanks ruthie) but he didnt really follow too well...but he DID enjoy the cotton candy and cracker jacks and hot dog and was a date after all :) 

we joined up with ruthie and her friend - it was so fun to spend some time with our little man two on one..reminded us a little of life before the other 2 b's...and how life may be a little easier when those little b's are a little bigger ;)

we didnt last the whole was angels vs. dodgers and there were probably more dodger fans there than angels and they were a little intimidating...not gunna lie...they were up by 5 when we left and bryson was more than ready for bed...he fell asleep on the way home...even with all that sugar in his little system!

mommy had some too!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Best Friends

we had a special guest yesterday that went on adventures with us and slept over (bryson's first friend to sleep over)...i'll tell you of their special day through some pictures....

nature walk...where leaves were gathered, jumped into and thrown all about

A shelter was made...and decorated

and climbed into

A: "Hey Bryson - we can cover the thorns on the tree trunk with these pieces of bark!"
B: "Great Idea Asher!!!!"

After we came home they hit the back yard slip n' slide hard and watched a movie...then...

A Dinner Picnic at Concerts in the Park - Fried Chicken, Fruit Kabobs and Cesar Salad...oh and Chocolate Whoopie was completely consumed so i am assuming they liked it (that never happens BTW)

Bodie asked for seconds on the salad :)

Bobby saying he is ready for bed

completely tuckered (and hot in our little hot box of a house) after a loooong day of building, running, playing, competing, laughing and FUN!

The Fourth!

this is like the third and fourth combined to a big fourth of july! we spent the third at my brother and mandie's for a bar-b-que and backyard fireworks...of which neither of older kids were a fan (bobby was trying to sleep) which was just awesome since we kept them up 2 hours past their bed time to witness the beauty of fireworks...oh least putting them to bed that night was easy since they passed out in the car!

then on the fourth we did the annual kids bike parade...only we didnt decorate this year...but it was still nice to get on the bikes with the kids - we need to do more of that! then we had some lovely friends over for an amazing dinner...which was eaten after kiddos were put to bed, which means it was actually was a lovely lovely dinner - a lovely fourth - probably one of my favorites so far. i need to remember to stay home every year...will someone please remind me how wonderful it can be when we don't travel.

right now i am reading John Adams by David McCullough and so this fourth was super fun for me to be whisked back in time...grateful for our time now and washing machines and the eradication of small pox...and grateful above all for our freedom. God Bless America!

Summer Time and the Living is Sorta (not really) Easy

We have been trying super hard to enjoy this has always been difficult for us as pool business owners to actually enjoy our summers. everything is so heightened...people all of the sudden care about their pools...and not just care, but their very life and breath depends on their pool working and clean...goodness...dont get between los angelers and their pools on a hot day...just don't...its not pretty...anyway - this is our first summer with THREE kids...none of which are in any type of day care...none of which like to stay at home, especially in a home that lacks air conditioning.

I can not complain...but i do...but i shouldn't because Long Beach doesn't see temps usually above 80...but our little house likes to stay nice and super warm while the outside is much more we have been getting ourselves out and about and trying not to stress too much while enjoying ourselves. its a challenge these days...but we have found ourselves all over - disneyland, the aquarium, the beach...lots and lots of beach time, the park, nature walks, lots and lots of picnics - at farmers market and concerts in the park, nice long walks, lots of backyard water fun and of course watermelon...lots and lots of watermelon...bobby has probably eaten an entire watermelon over the course of 4 weeks.

so here we are in the middle of summer and trying to soak it all in. the summer of learning patience and faith and trusting that hard work will eventually *someday* pay off...and that in the midst of it, we still need to take time to sit at the beach and stare at the ocean and thank God for our many blessings...especially these three blessings in particular...even if sometimes they feel less like a blessing and more like a...uhhh...non-blessing lets just say. because i hope i don't make this three kid business come across as easy...cause it ain't! its not all corn on the cob and sandy buns and watermelon bellies...its a lot of hot-sweaty-over tired ugliness and whining and battle of wills and you know...and if you don't know i am sure you can imagine...but all to say...we are trying our derndest to make the most of what we have and hold tight to our beliefs and thank the Lord for what we got...because a thankful heart will help quell a complaining spirit most of the time...

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bobby at 10 Months are 10 months are so about ready to walk. you get in a squat and stand and it is driving mama nuts! the other day i watched you climb down the kitchen stair and it blew my mind. you full on went on your tummy and flung your leg around and climbed down a 1 1/2 foot drop like it was no biggie. 
your favorite thing is riding on the plasma car with bryson. 
you want to ride all by yourself.
you want to just about do anything that your brothers are doing.
we finally taught you sign language and you picked up like we were so behind as parents. it made me feel a little guilty that we hadn't given you skills to express yourself. because you apparently have a lot to say!
i have been saying sorry to you a lot. 
sorry that your brothers take everything from you.
sorry that you can't walk.
sorry that they wake you up from your naps.
sorry that your meal times are so limited.
but i like to think that you are so so excited to be a part of this brethren...this little troop of in tha, you are welcome! and we rest in the knowledge you will be part of the crazy soon enough!