Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Barnes Boys - Where They At? January

We made it through the holidays...barely. sadly, Christmas Day found me and Bryson completely wiped out - the next day took down Bodie and Bobby and for the rest of the week we were pathetic - coughing, fevers and all around general lousy feeling. I still am battling some of it come to think of it! But - I find that I can't complain...too much. Our boys do not get sick often. In fact, that was the worst of all last year for sure! - sad and anti-climactic to have it happen on a holiday, but there is an underlying gratefulness that our immune systems function pretty great. 

I was able to keep up with the updates pretty well last year - (i only missed 3 months) I hope to keep it up because things change with these guys so much in just a month, it is fun for me to go back and see a little slice of our life in those updates. 

Bobby! In Bobby news he learned how to ride a bike without training wheels! I got a new bike for Christmas and Bryson did too, which meant Bobby got Bodie's old bike and Bodie got Bryson's...so....we have been riding bikes just about every day and I am loving it! We rode his bike down to the marina parking lot a couple weeks ago to let him practice and he just got it so fast. I am so proud of him! He is pretty stoked...already is trying to jump curbs and go off ramps. He constantly says, "did you see my trick?" and no doubt will cause me the heart attack i know is coming with having three boys. Christmas was so fun with Bobby! Santa came to Christmas Eve and Bobby just hugged him and was so stoked! He said his favorite presents were bey blades. 

 Bodie! I need to write a post on his birthday - so fun - five is so cool. Bodie is such a rad little dude - i just love him! He does ninja kicks all the time - if he eats something he loves he has to get out of the chair and do a little dance (with the most serious of face of course) and tells me about a hundred times a day how much he loves me. He will either say, I love you one thousand ninety one, or I love you so much that you are beautiful. He graduated to the bigger bike and is also loving bike rides. He can go faster now and tries to race Bryson every chance he can get. I took Bodie the other day with me, just him, to run errands and we had so much fun - the most fun things come out of his little imagination - i just want to be him for one day to see how that mind of him works!

Bryson - I took Bryson out on a date the other night. He has been looking forward to some one on one time and I realized just how important it is for both of us to do that. I am trying to be intentional this year. It is my theme for myself this year. Part of that is being intentional with the boys. I want to take one out for a date every month, so that by years end each will have had 3 dates with me. I remember my dad doing this with us and it was only like once a year, but they have special memories for me since it was one on one time that doesn't happen as often as one would like when you have 2 other siblings. Anyway - I took him to the Bower's Kidseum and it was kind of a bust, so then we went to the cheap theaters and watched a (horrible) movie and ate in the food court. He loved that he could pick from any of the placed (Panda Express) and we had some good conversation. I am concerned about him at school and the friends he is hanging out with and we talked about it. He is still asking me to home school him. He gave me all his reasons - he wouldn't have to spend as much time on school work and he would have more time for other things he enjoys doing (GOLF!) and because he wants to be around me more. While I am flattered, I am also sort of shocked that he still feels this way...i thought for sure he would be changing his tune by now. I just haven't seen him enjoy school at all this year and it has been heavy on my heart - especially lately. 

Also - Bryson started basketball and LOVES it! His team is The Thunder and he is playing with a local NJB league. The boys also got a basketball hoop for Christmas (thank you Auntie Mandie) so that is just about all Bryson does after homework is done. Even after the sun goes down - there is a light out there that works just fine! The only bummer about his league is that all their games are on Sundays during church except one.