Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Camping at Cachuma - Part One

(I say part one, because there are a ton more (even better) pictures...mainly on bryan's phone that i have to share!)

Last weekend we went camping with the Hurleys at Lake Cachuma. Jeff is Bryan's best friend since high school and we havent been able to spend quality time with them since i was (very early) pregnant with its been a while. We planned this weekend before summer started and i am so glad we did. Summer tends to fill up fast! There is nothing easy about camping with small is a lot of work, but boy is it also a lot of fun!

Bryson will not stop talking about this trip. Even while we were camping i have not seen him smile so big! he kept saying things like, "man, camping is the best!" if you asked him why he would tell you the fishing and the smores...definitely the smores. it is some kind of camping sin if you dont have them! Declan is like the best marshmallow maker too, but unfortunately he doesnt like marshmallows...but, fortunately for me, he loves making them! child labor - love it!

This wasnt our first pick of camping sites around Santa Barbara, but the nice thing about Cachuma is that you can get a site and you dont have to occupy it overnight. So Solera went up on Thursday and was able to reserve us a site. The greatest part was the lake was a short walk from our site and was so gorgeous! the kids loved just throwing rocks in the water all day long. boys are so simple sometimes it makes me marvel at them...we fished on saturday at a day use area around the luck with the fish, but bryson fished the whole day. he is a pro at casting now.

There are things for kids to do around Cachuma beside fish - playgrounds and a swimming pool, but we just stayed in the sun on a rock bed basically all day...because we are smart like that...and also married to fish-a-holics.

Solera and Jeff have a 9 month old Beckett (along with their 4 year old Declan) and poor Solera could not put Beckett down anywhere all weekend, save for the tent. Plus he didnt want to ever. I think it is pretty impossible to keep to schedules camping...especially with the sleeping outdoors thing.

To our surprise, Bryson and Bodie slept in their own tent! i was so shocked that Bodie was down for that...but it solved our small tent problem! we borrowed one from my sister and set it up right in front of our tent and it worked out perfect!

Part 2 to come...

Bryson's Second Golf Tournament

Bryson's second golf tournament was last month in Downey...I forget the name of the course...I will need to ask Bryan and edit this...I was able to go to this one and was so impressed. I haven't seen Bryson play on the course for a while now...over a year I am sure. He is like a mini-pro! i was so amazed. My dad came to this tournament and when I told Bryson his Grandpa Craig was going to come, he said, "Mom, I am going to blow Grandpa Craig's mind" - well if he didnt blow his mind, he certainly blew mine!

my favorite moment though was when the little Asian boy from the first picture hit this amazing chip shot from below the green up to a couple feet from the pin...all the adults watching clapped and he just raised one hand up like a little PGA player. so cute!

Bryson played awesome and showed such restraint when he hit a couple putts too long, etc. I was also exceptionally impressed with his caddy (Bryan) who also showed restraint and was such an encouragement. Bryson came in 6th place, with only 3 strokes off of first. there was a three way tie for first. It showed him how important his short game (that is putting for you non-golf folks) is. He was a little disappointed that he didn't get a medal (they are given to the top 4 players) but not disappointed enough to keep him from wanting to sign up for the championships (which are this Sunday, eeek!). Wish him luck!