Monday, April 23, 2012

Barnes Boys - Where They At!

i haven't written for a while. i have desired to...several times, but for some reason i can't sit myself down to do it...and when i do it just feels forced. ever since i changed my office hours down to 2 days a week it seems like i barely have time to do all i need to...but i fit it all in, because it means i can be a mom the other 3 days a i guess i am busier being with my kids than writing about them :)

and these kids are keeping us busy...especially this one...

Bobby is just nuts. seriously. we just stare at him sometimes and wonder how in the world anyone could have that much energy. one pointed difference between this guy and bryson at this age...because they are very that once bobby is tired...he is out...he will pass out on the kitchen floor...the middle of the nursery...wherever he wants. he goes down at 6pm and doesnt wake usually until 6:30-7:00 - he also takes a 2 hour nap generally every day...because he needs that much sleep to be Bobby the rest of the day. if he is awake you can bet he is trying to destroy everything in sight...the other morning he had managed to spill the entire contents of the cereal box...then he found the wet cat food and stuck his hand in it and then proceeded to wipe it all over the dining room table...from there he took down all the coats from the coat rack and then he thought all the books in the bookshelf was much too practical, so he threw those all over...where was i? just in the wake of his tornado...trying to clean up one mess after another...sometimes when this happens i just put him in his crib because i just fear for his safety and the safety of others...

we had him at bryson's baseball game and i was watching him and then bryson's t-ball coach came up and surprised me and said hi and we were talking...i had my eye on him still and then for a split second i lost him....i frantically looked all over and on a whim checked the playground...which was quite a bit of a ways off...there was bobby...on the biggest slide of the whole park just having a i locked him up the rest of the game. i cant handle bringing bobby to public places...he is so fast and so daring and so quiet...but he is also a lot of fun- he has this joyous spirit that is so contagious.

Bryson has been doing Baseball through LB Little League - he is in the farm division...which is the next division up from t-ball - here they machine pitch the ball..the kids get out and they keep track of the score. its intense. we have practice games for the first 9 games and now they are real...and my goodness - there is no difference in the kids and how they play, but the parents. oh man...and this is just FARM! just a lot of shouting and general intensity...i have been warned, but i wasnt expecting it this early. we are not the best team either...sometimes they look like they have no clue what to do and its frustrating to me...especially when we are getting beat so bad the score is 26 to 2...that bad. so - if your team is beating another team by that drastic a measure, is it really necessary to stand up and scream and shout praise when your son gets my son out? the answer is...its not...i know you like seeing your kid do well...but lets have some sportsmanship...

bryson does not seem to care though...i heard him telling his team mate that it didnt matter if they lost or not, they would still get a trophy at the end. so at least he has a somewhat healthy spirit about it all. he is also doing golf and doing quite well. bryan tries to take him to the course once a week and its work, but also bonding. i think bryson feels pretty special he gets that time with his dad. the other day we were cleaning up in the kitchen and bryson asked bryan to play catch with made me smile...its like what bryan dreamed about when i first found out i was pregnant...only took 6 years for it to come true :) - bryan was never much of a baby person and i joked and would tell people he wants me to pop out a 5 year old...but its good that i am more of the baby person and he is more of the 5 year old type...because he is awesome with him in ways that i strongly lack. not just in sports either - i watch him help bryson with his homework - so patient and helpful. i am lucky to have a partner like him...the boys are lucky to have a daddy like him...i just think he hung the moon...

anyway...back to bryson. he is still doing great at school. his new thing is the cafeteria. i have never let him buy lunch (twice a week he stays through lunch for enrichment with the teacher) at the cafeteria, but the other day i forgot his lunch and i was sick, so i let him. he thought it was the coolest thing around. giving the money - getting hot was the highlight of his day. so today he informed me that he was using his own money to buy lunch at the cafeteria. i didnt fight it...partly because i havent been grocery shopping...partly because he never eats the lunches i make him anyway...partly because its his own money...but also mainly because i like saving my battles with that one. and seriously...that kid is so under-weight that maybe some junky cafeteria food will be good for him :) put some meat on his skinny little chicken legs. he is money obsessed right now. if he isnt counting his money he is holding his wallet and thinking about money. it comes in handy sometimes - he does all kinds of little chores for me for a favorite is when i tell him to entertain bobby for 20 minutes for a quarter...he totally does...its the only time that sad i have to pay my kid to pay attention to his little brother? probably...

bodie bear. bodie had a rough time when mama bear was away. he has never given us any grief about going to Sunday School or his pre-school. ever. surprisingly so, since he is the most "attached" of the bunch. but since i came back he has had a tough time going to school and church. at church on Sunday i think he just had enough. he cried for a good 10 minutes before i convinced Bryan to let him sit with us. and he did - and he did awesome! no games, no pen and paper, just sat on my lap pretty much quietly through the whole service. i think he just really wanted to be next to me and didnt care the where and why. it feels good to be needed/wanted like that i must admit. bryson is just so not that way. i told bryson that his friend's dad and i were going to carpool and would that be okay? "That would be great mom!" so excited...bryson is ready to sign up for the college dorms...bodie will live with us till he is 30...just kidding...i hope...bodie is just a different being and has different of those is touch...and it makes my heart happy to have one of them not shoo away all my kisses...i know eventually he will, but dont tell me that...for now i am enjoying my cuddle bug!

on a different note...bodie is sneaky. super sneaky. this morning he snuck out of his room and grabbed the box of probiotic chewables (i was giving them to bobby since i had to put him on antibiotics) and proceeded to eat the whole box. you are only supposed to give them 2 at a time...he ate 20. i looked it up and the only thing that i could find that might happen is that should make for a fun day :) 

right now i have summer on my mind. i wish it was a wishful kind of summer thinking, like dreaming of corn and watermelon and picnic blankets and beaches...but its more like what am i going to do with my kids for the entire summer? i will need to come in the office more - at least 3 days a week. bryan is working a side job and will need to be either in the office or at the other job probably 5 days a week. so i am praying for a solution...a financially friendly solution...child-care for 3 is no joke. but i see no way around it. we chose to have a seasonal business, and summer happens to be THE season for us...but i can't complain...we have help in the office now...and it is so needed and wonderful to have another person to carry the load so to speak. although bryan and i "work together" we dont ever work together...since bryson has been born we have taken turns in the office. its rare that we are both in here at the same time. maybe thats why its worked for 8 years :) 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter in San Jose

Their Auntie Kristie got them each little Easter baskets - Bodie's had a monster truck...score!

Family Photo...believe it or not...this was the best one of 10

Kassai and Bodie - 3 weeks apart and the cutest of friends!

Kayo - he is a couple weeks younger than Bobby and the sweetest boy!

Can you tell they are brother and sister?

Grandma Pearl-  Can you believe she is 82? She looks so young!


The man behind the food!

on the hunt...

Money? What is this stuff?

Kassai and her very pretty meema!

We went up north for Easter this year. It was probably one of the nicest drives up we have had and one of the nicest Easters as well. It is already getting a lot easier to travel with all 3 and makes me realize that pretty soon they might even be fit to travel on a maybe even a plane! that concept is still pretty foreign though...most every trip we do is to see family or friends...but i know it will come soon enough. My mantra, "This too shall pass" has always given me comfort and hope, but lately has made me a little sad - sad that we are done growing our family and onto another stage...sad that we are getting rid of all things baby in this house...sad that my "baby" is now starting to talk (and tell me "no")...sad that Bodie seems to have aged overnight.

I actually left on Easter Sunday on a plane back home, while Bryan and his parents took the boys up to Tahoe. Bryan had told me that he slept with the two bigger boys a couple nights because he realized he wont be able to for very much longer...oh yeah...then it would just get creepy...but right now its sweet. so sweet.

Anyways...Easter...He is Risen! We had a wonderful day celebrating the Resurrection Sunday with Church and dressing up and egg hunts and family and uh-mazing food! bryan's grandma Pearl celebrated her 82nd birthday and it was nice for the kids to get to be able to meet their Great-Grandma. Bryson made out like a bandit on the egg hunt and found like $11 or something ridiculous...i feel like i was lucky to get brother always found the eggs with the cash (of course). Bodie ate probably more candy on Sunday than he had all year combined (which happens if you dont watch Bodie...he steals candy and sneakily eats it. Bryson still asks me every time if it is okay...bodie figured out its better to ask forgiveness than permission!) Bobby was pretty non-plussed with the whole day, but excited about having his own eggs.

We had some beautiful weather and it was so fun to just sit back and watch all the cousins and family. we are blessed to have some pretty awesome relatives on both our sides. I was a little worried the whole day about leaving...and the actual goodbye was pretty traumatic, but my little mama spring break was amazing! and needed. I will post more on that!