Monday, July 15, 2013

Barnes Boys - Where They At?

We have been having quite the summer so far! I have been really thankful for my (completely out of character) summer planning. It has really helped me look forward to my time with the boys and also make things less stressful in the morning by planning for it the day before. I think its easy for me to feel like I am kicked out of my own house sometimes...because I kinda am...but lately I have been really grateful that I have this time with them to explore. It was hitting me the other day that some day they might not want to hang out with me all day...then i told myself...that is ridiculous...then i said...oh okay maybe...then i got really sad. So I am thankful for this time - truly. these three boys are so much fun - never a dull (or clean or quiet) moment! I am also thankful I am having Bryson do his summer journal because it has been forcing me to be more intentional documenting and taking pictures. I have not been so good taking pictures with the good camera, so my little phone camera and instagram have been my medium of choice! Enough of me...on to the update!

Bobby Barnes! I found him sitting in this chair in the corner looking sooooo guilty. It was a day I was in the office and when I found him he said "shhh don't tell daddy" - such a little sneak. he cracks me up though...i would always get so mad that my little sister got away with i get it! If I am working in the office and come out for whatever reason and the boys are there, every single time, bobby will say "yay! you not wooking today!" Every time. so cute. He is doing exactly what bodie and bryson both did around 3 - be obsessed every day on who is watching them...he asks me about a million times. He turns 3 in about 6 weeks...i would love to have this little man potty trained by then, but he might have a different plan. He has used the potty a few different times, but no real desire to make it a habit. 

I think the thing I have noticed more about Bobby lately is that I don't think I have met a kid at 3 who is so confident and calm in their skin. He just is so content usually (counting out over-tired states and states of hunger) and independent and self-entertaining. It's like he knows he can do everything - he knows no other way - like doing an ollie on a skateboard for example...playing golf...riding a 2 wheeler (which he hasnt dont yet, but tries on bodie's bike all the time) My other boys are to an extent, but not at Bobby level. It is pretty extraordinary. His spirit is contagiously joyous.

Bryson! Green Lightening! Golf season started up. Actually golf season is year round (11 months), but he plays soccer in the fall and baseball in the spring and since those things are already 2-3x a week, it can get over-kill. He has played 3 tournaments so far - 2nd place, 5th place and 6th place. He has shown a lot of growth and his attitude is getting so much better! He is not super competitive, of which I am grateful, but I can tell he wants to win. I could tell this last tournament he was kinda bummed not to get a medal. These kids he plays against are just crazy good. It blows me away that 7 year olds are playing like this. It isn't something I can even describe with words since I don't know golf that well...but they are making Eagle shots...and the 1st place winners are usually under par. 

Bryson is also way into fishing right now. He won our TMAFI title this year and now it is ALL he wants to do. for instance, bryan is at the beach right now with the boys and bryson had to take along a rod. we went camping this weekend and it was all he wanted to do. I am not complaining by the way - I would be ever so happy if all my boys take to fishing - Sierras here we come! I don't know what it is about this age - but it seems like he is such a different kid than last summer. He is starting to make his own sense of things and process things a little more maturely. I am excited to see how he continues to grow. He is trying hard right now and I can tell...and try to tell him every day that I notice and I appreciate it.  

Bodie O! Isn't this the saddest picture? 4 years old can be rough sometimes. 

Dear Bodie, You are getting older to understand things, but lack the patience when adults tell you (all the time) to WAIT. when you are hungry that means you need to eat RIGHT NOW. when you have to pee (what is up with your small bladder by the way?) you have to do it RIGHT NOW. when you want a glass of water, better make it RIGHT NOW. the hardest part of your life is waiting. mom is always busy...its rough. i get it. This waiting business will serve you bodie...its good not to expect everything RIGHT NOW. we are not ignoring you....we are teaching valuable life lessons here...for free! you are welcome. Love, mom

Bodie has also been actively trying to be a better big brother to Bobby. I praise him whenever I can and if he shares with Bobby or gets something for him, I make sure to tell Bobby "Bodie shared that piece of bread with you because he loves you". I believe it helps associate actions with loving...maybe? it makes them feel good when I say it anyway...I am trying to be more intentional on the praising...on the details. I am not a "praiser" by nature...i kind of expect people to do the right thing the right way, so I am not wired like that - but I want to be different in that. I recently read this blog post and it was a little convicting. I want my kids to remember their mom praising them...not criticizing all the time. I feel like I am constantly correcting...constantly saying it feels good to my soul to encourage when i can. so there is an update for me too, i guess!