Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bobby at 8 Months

Bobby!!!! This is how we greet you every time we see you...and you love it...always a big big one tooth smile. the past coupla days you have been uncharacteristically fussy and i just saw today that your other little bottom tooth just that is what was up! glad that's outta the way and you can go back to your sweet little self. made me realize how amazingly lucky we are such a joy to everyone!

you are getting so big - you were sick basically all of your 7th month, so i have big hopes for 8 took your first antibiotic, which mommy did not want to do and held out as long as she could, but i think you were grateful to be able to breathe from your nose again and not have ear infections any more! yay to no more sick pug baby!

you celebrated your first Easter this month in Santa Barbara and you slept in the closet...which may or may not be a step up from the bathroom. tonight i put you in the crib in the boys room, but shhhhh...dont tell your brother bodie...mama is scared he is going to crawl in to "play" with you! fingers crossed he doesn't see you :)

we love to all play in the backyard for the afternoon. you love to sneak over to the garden and steal strawberries. move over bodie, there is a new strawburglar in town! you are crawling and climbing like crazy and you try so so hard to play with the big boys...its so fun to see - i know you are going to fit right in with those crazy guys!

we love you sweet bobby b!