Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Barnes Boys - Where They At?

We are right in the thick of the Holidays...actually I think we may have left the thick behind with this weekend and look forward to a relaxing rest of the year...at least that is the "plan" anyway. After coming back from an amazing Thanksgiving holiday, we got swept right back into non-stop guests and parties. This last weekend we celebrated St. Lucia day with my brother, sister and dad and all the people associated with those people, then on Saturday we went up to Sierra Madre to celebrate a traditional Swedish Christmas that my lovely cousin Henrik and his wife Anna were so gracious to host, then on Sunday we watched Bodie perform in the church choir and went straight from there to the SWEA St. Lucia Festival in LA. I did not take nearly enough pictures - I don't feel like there was much down time and I definitely need a weekend for my weekend, but it was all good fun...all good Swedish fun, ja sure! 

Bryson - Bryson finished up golf for the year at Heartwell - we went to their annual Awards party and were surprised to find he placed 1st in the beginner flight of a 3 day tournament they played back in September! He was so pumped. He slept with it and carried it with him and kept saying "This is my second 1st place trophy I ever got. I just can't believe it" and he also said, "Mom, 1st place is like sooooo much better than 2nd place and all the other places". His front teeth have yet to come in, which has amassed quite the attention of joke time in our family, as well as several renditions of "All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth". Bryson is about to start basketball (practices start next week....what?) and thanks to his Auntie Mandie giving them a basketball hoop for Christmas- that is all that is on the boys mind lately. Bryson's letter to Santa includes the following:
"A rainbow loom kit (the big one that has thos clear rubber bands) and a mini go cart, and a bike because i did knot get one for my birthday with was Nov' 8, and can i have 4 bey wheels and 4 bey blades. and can I have super maryo galexy number two. for Bryson"

Bodie - this is of Bodie singing in his choir - his face looked like this the whole time - and every time I looked at him I giggled. He is just the sweetest little soul! He asked to practice every day. He was given a verse to recite also and asked me to ask him every day. He took the whole thing very seriously! Bryson couldn't be a part of it this year because practices were on Sundays, when Bryson had his golf tournaments and Bobby was too young, so this was a special thing just for Bodie - probably the first time to happen in his little life and he was just beaming - so proud. It was pretty awesome to watch! Bodie has no organized anything now until baseball season - of which I am a little grateful - because i could use a month of just 1 sport :) 

This is what Bryson wrote to Santa on Bodie's behalf:
"for Bodie. Bodie would like 6 bey blades and 6 bey wheels. and just a rainbow loom tini kit. thank you" (please note the length difference of bryson's list and bodie's)

Bobby - oops...i am so bad and do not have a recent picture of Bobby...Bobby - we love you sooo much and are too busy kissing your sweet face to take your picture :) So I am including this pic of all the cousins and I just love how excited Bobby is to be holding his sweet little niece. Bobby is so much fun this Christmas! It is his first Christmas really starting to understand everything and every time he sees a house all lit up with lights something fancy he breaks out into "jingle bells" - it is pretty stinking cute! he is just an absolute joy and an absolute terror at the same time. That boy just thinks to destroy everything! i am shocked our ornaments are still on the tree and the presents are still wrapped - first time ever leaving presents under the tree since bryson was a baby! 
This is what Bryson wrote to Santa on Bobby's behalf:
"for Bobby. My Brother Bobby would like just 1 bey wheel. 3 bey blades. and a bike. a two wheeler. and he wants a stuft anamle monkey that has a big baby on its tummy"