Thursday, May 29, 2014

Being Intentional - An Update

Something I struggle with is being intentional. I am a pretty fly by the pants type of gal - so planning and thinking ahead are a struggle for me - it is also something I wanted to work on personally since last year I found so much satisfaction in meal planning and summer planning. It really made a difference on the entire family dynamic and flow when i took the time out to be thoughtful in my planning. So - I wanted to take it a step further this year and commit to dating every boy in my family. What this looked like was every month of of the kiddos got to have special time with me alone. The first time I picked what we did and the second time I let them choose. With Bryan - we have been taking turns once a month doing a more planned date than dinner or a movie...something different or new or special to be intentional and discover new things. We will be celebrating 13 years in a little over a month, so it can be difficult to stretch out of your comfort zone - but it has been so so fun. I wanted to recap everything so far for posterity and inspiration!

Bryson: I took Bryson in January to Bower's Kids Museum. It was kind of a bust. I had never been before and thought it was bigger than it was. We only spent like an hour there and we were both over it. We did every room and every activity and were like, bleh. I felt bad the museum was such a dud that I took him to the $2 theater in Santa Ana and let him pick Panda Express at the food court for dinner. So I think it made up for it. On our second date in April, Bryson really wanted me to golf with him. So we played Little Rec and then went to Sushi Studio for dinner. I am really enjoying going with Bryson golfing. It is something I have future goals for since this is a way I will be able to spend time with all my boys when they get older. I have learned that boys desire shoulder to shoulder friendship and golf is a great game that allows that type of non-pressure conversation and friendship to happen and it is making me fall in love with it...even though i am awful...even though it is a frustrating game...even though i still find it pretty high on the boring scale.

Bodie: In February I took Bodie to a putt putt place (my choice) and then we ate pizza - in May I took Bodie to a putt putt place (his choice) and we ate at Islands. Bodie is hilarious on a date. He is so different one on one than with his brothers. He is very reserved and quiet, but when you are still and let him have a long time to think he will surprise you with his thoughtfulness and what is on his mind (much like his father!)

Bobby: In March I took Bobby to Pretend City in Irvine. Bobby destroyed that place! I realized that Bobby indoors is kind of insane (unless maybe a bounce house type place?) He was all over the place - I wanted him to discover each station and take his time playing at each one and NOOOO....he was like - look a store - whiz, bang everything off the shelf, run for the door - onto the farm - take out all the fruit on the trees, try to dig a million holes, and zoom onto the plumbing part...etc etc - i was EXHAUSTED at the end. Like exhausted. I forget where we had dinner. i was pooped! I am supposed to take him somewhere in June - he wants to go to a putt putt place, but I can not imagine him being able to do mini golf...maybe the bouncing place would be better?

Bryan: We have had fun! There have been intentional dates just the two of us, but some of our most fun and memorable times has been for birthdays. In January we went roller skating. In February I got a groupon for a clay wheel class. In March we had an evening in the most amazing house in LB for a 30th birthday. In April Bryan took me overnight to a fancy dinner movie theater and hotel on the beach. In May we went to Groundlings in LA for a night of comedy improv and to our total shock of awesomeness Kristen Wiig was in the cast! Such a blast - we laughed the entire time! Other memorable dates include a birthday for Julie at the Monarch Bay Beach Club - dinner and smore's under the sky in front of the ocean in the sand - such a fun and wonderful night. A Clippers game where we sat in the Second Row!! thank you to his cousin for that! A night out in Palm Springs where we could take our time and enjoy conversation. We have been blessed with a lot of wonderful occasions and great friends- who throw great parties!

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